"Kat Hoy is one of the most spirited human beings I have been blessed to have in my life. Kat has a very special way of connecting with your inner spirit. Upon meeting or speaking with her for the first time, you feel like you have known her for years. There is a comfort and understanding that Kat gives to everyone she comes into contact with. She is a rare and beautiful individual, both inside and out. If you have the opportunity to connect with Kathleen Hoy, you will be blessed, just as I have been."

— Steve


"I came to Kat after going through a difficult time and she truly listened. She lifted my spirit, and I felt a weight removed from my body. Kat takes her time to get to know you in a caring and professional way. She possesses serenity and insight, and gives 100% of herself. She is truly a gift which I recommend with no hesitation."

— Lene

“It was a friend who first told me about Kat Hoy. He was a real estate agent, and had shared that he had an old listing that just wouldn't sell, and finally, after many months he was desperate, and he was referred to Kat Hoy by another agent. In just four Days, after Kat "cleaned" out the property, this house sold.

...A few months later, my family moved in to a new house.  We loved our new house, but as soon as we moved in, there was long run of issues, that culminated in a rather intense weekend of very funny yet frustrating mishaps.  By Sunday, and the final straw of a leaking dishwasher, a flooding washing machine that led to a shorted out dryer, electrical failures due to a bad breaker box that caused each appliance and system to die in every room, a fridge full of spoiling food and a few other things all in the course of 24 hours, I called my friend and said, " okay, I give." I need the "house shaman"!

Kat came to our home the next morning.  She walked from room to room, visibly shuddering,  as if a current of energy,  passed through her, shook her head, went outside and then sat and talked with me.

"He is everywhere" she concluded. He, being our former owner. She also concluded that our former owners loved our home very much and just hadn't let go of it yet.  Thus, she felt that she just needed to clean out their old energy so that our home could be filled up with the new energy and love of our family.

And so, she did her mysterious magical thing, ridding old energy to allow for new, and some other things that left me feeling quite grateful to have invited her into our home and our lives, though I was left smelling very much like burnt sage( praying that no one at my kids school would think that I had been smoking pot when I left to pick them up.)

And sure enough, the issues stopped right away, and there was just a lighter feeling inside our walls.  A certain heaviness lifted.

I don't know how to explain what Kat does.  I can't.  I just know that Kat is a very special person, sensitive, kind, and very connected, on levels that most of us mere mortals miss.  She is just one of those people who only wants to help other people, and has been blessed with many special gifts so that she can!

I recommend her any chance that I can.  So if you need to " clean out the old" clean out something negative, and let in the possibility for positive, or that which is new, need to shift things a bit, or just want some peace of mind for a positive new beginning: call Kat.”

— Dorothy S


"Working in the highest vibration of Love, and using her gift of intuition, Kat transforms the energy of a property, it's land, and it's inhabitants.  She is grounded in LOVE working for the highest and best interests of all. To experience her work is a gift! She is a courageous pioneer and  transformational energetic Master assisting our planetary expansion."

— Marie