Property Clearings

Energy is all around us. Sometimes, a property contains energy that has a distinctly negative affect on the current occupants of or intentions for a space.

Typical symptoms of properties that contain negative energies include:

  • It has been on the market for a long time and has not sold—and for no apparent reason

  • You’ve been experiencing unrest or turmoil in your home and wish the space felt better, more peaceful and clear

What a property clearing does

Removes negative energies

A property clearing removes any hostile, blocking or conflicting energies.

As an empath, intuitive and healer, I can feel and sense what no longer serves humanity in regards to your property, including past owners as well as energy blocks and destructive forces.

Illuminates the past, so you can create a better future

In addition to removing old energies, property clearings help you understand what happened in the past so you can learn and make more informed choices moving forward.

How it works

I come to your property and spend some time to learn about what’s been going on, what you need help with, and what your intention is for the clearing. After we talk, I connect with the space to feel the energy and sense what's going on. Then I clear the space and clean out all energies that are not aligned with your intention and the highest good of all.

After the clearing, I share any insights with you and explain what’s been going on with the property and why the energy was stuck. This helps you learn from what happened in the past so that you can consciously bring in new, more helpful energy.


  • Clears everything that’s been negatively affecting your space and your business.

  • Facilitates business growth.

  • Helps you understand what factors have been influencing your business and space.

  • Enables you to align your business with your intentions—with ease.

Please Note:

These property clearings are for the Highest Good of all beings involved and for the highest healing. However, these clearings in no way guarantee the sale of the property as many factors of the individuals and the property are involved. While I will make suggestions from Spirit, your success depends on your own participation in following the guidance suggested and on your personal evolutionary needs.

The more open and honest you are, the more I can see and explain to you so that you have a better understanding of what is going on. Spirit will channel through me to give you personal and professional advice for your happiness and success.  


I do clearings for homes, businesses, and vacant/undeveloped parcels in the Greater Philadelphia Area.  Clearings typically take about 2 hours and are performed on-site. As I only do a few of these a month, availability is limited, so please reserve your spot early.

Price: $500 + travel

* If you live outside of this region, please contact me and I’ll provide a custom quote.

*Please contact me, By Calling or texting … 215-813-4225 . or email me at


Ready to get started?

Homes and the land that surrounds them are living, breathing, conscious creatures. They are like sponges absorbing the energies of their current and past occupants. Kat’s work is best described as a very deep power washing of all of the negative energetics that have congregated in and on the property, often times for decades. She uses her gifts of intuition and LOVE to transform the space for the highest and best interests of all concerned. When Kat works on your property my best advise is that you go into this with an Open Heart and absolutely no expectations. She is nothing short of amazing.
— Marie